Exercise book for left-handers

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Questions to left-handedness coach Frank Steinkopf

Why is this book important?

Every left-hander needs to learn to draw, cut and write properly. By helping them do so, you not only enhance the health and well-being of your left-hander, but also introduce them to the joys of drawing, writing and handicrafts. This exercise book promotes these important techniques by motivating left-handers, holding their attention and putting a smile on their face.

When do little left-handers need to learn how to cut and hold their pen properly?

No later than pre-school. Some are even ready when they are just one or two years old. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly and easily children learn.

Can the unhealthy “hook position” be corrected?

It is possible to learn to write with a healthy posture at any age. And the feedback I receive shows that it is well worth it!


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Foreword 4

Chapter 1: Warm-up exercises 5

Chapter 2: Tracing exercises 19

Chapter 3: Combinations 20

Chapter 4: Colouring in and cutting out 25

Chapter 5: Drawing mirror images 37

Story: Molly the Crab goes on a big adventure 41

Find the left-handers (picture puzzles) 44

Progress chart 47

Notes on this exercise book for left-handers 48

Therapeutic services for left-handers 50

Products for left-handers and educational applications 51


Colouring, writing and cutting – for left-handers of all ages

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ISBN: 978-3-948352-04-2


Video explaining the Exercise Book for Left-Handers
Left-handers – learning from children

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Exercise book for left-handers

Exercise book for left-handers
Exercise book for left-handers
Exercise book for left-handers
Exercise book for left-handers